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Vitality Direct

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Healthy employees are more productive, use less sick days, and have higher work satisfaction.

Businesses can choose to enroll their employees with Vitality Direct as a benefit for their workforce.

Vitality Direct offers direct primary care services and waives restrictions on entrance and exit from the practice so that employers can simply identify employees as members on a monthly basis.

Direct primary care through Vitality Direct can serve as an alternative form of healthcare coverage for part-time employees or full-time employees of small businesses. Also, direct primary care can be added to complement a health care plan, providing a more robust healthcare coverage program for the workforce. This approach allows for specific savings through the use of high deductible plans and may decrease total healthcare expenditures for both the business and the individual.

For a low monthly fee, employees can have access to primary healthcare services – often on the same or next day. These include sick visits, chronic disease management, lab work, diagnostics, health care counseling, as well as a wide range of procedures. Membership represents a relatively small investment that provides a meaningful contribution to the employee’s health.

Adding Vitality Direct to manage an employee’s primary care needs provides additional cost savings to both the employer and employee. Using Vitality Direct, there are no fees for a Primary Care Office Visit. With improved access to the provider, there are fewer visits to the Urgent Care and Emergency Room.

Vitality Direct can manage over 90% of a person’s healthcare needs, reducing unnecessary additional healthcare-related costs. Pairing a more affordable high deductible healthcare plan (HDHP) with direct primary care can add additional savings to the employer while providing improved healthcare coverage for the employee.



  • DPC provides increased primary care access. This accommodates an employee’s schedule allowing employees to not lose time at work if possible.
  • Minimize time away from work due to illness, as employee’s health can be addressed before they worsen to the point of needing Urgent Care or Emergency Room (in some cases, only requiring a phone call rather than spending additional time for a visit)
  • Healthier workforce, as employees are able to access care more quickly and easily, and can stay on top of their health care needs



  • Less out of pocket expenses for primary care needs (Most patients do not reach their deductible)
  • No primary care visit fees or co-pays
  • Unlimited visits (No additional fee for additional visits)
  • longer appointment times allowing for improved care
  • Same day/Next day appointment availability
  • Increased access to provider, avoiding use of Urgent Care (Save $100-$200/visit) and minimizing use of Emergency Room (Save $1500+/ER visit)
  • Reduced unnecessary specialist referrals
  • Significant financial savings on labs, imaging, and medication